Here are some samples of pieces finished in the General Finishes Milk Paint colors.  It's usually better to see an example of a piece refinished in a particular color when making your own color selection.  You can also always search Pinterest for more color samples.  The following pieces have all been refinished by Jenni of Roots & Wings Furniture or Robin of Feather Your Nest.

snow white

Snow White is the brightest, truest white.  Here is an example of some pieces painted in this color. 

Snow White Hutch

Antique White

Antique White is a creamier white, but is not too yellow!


Linen is the creamiest of the whites. 


This is a nice neutral beige with a touch of gray.

buttermilk yellow

A nice light yellow that is not too pale or bright, but just right.

Buttermilk Pie Safe

somerset gold

A mustard yellow color, warmer than Buttermilk but can also be a pleasant neutral.

dark chocolate

A rich brown, perfect when you don't want black.  Can also be used as a wash to look like a dark glaze/stain.

lime green

A bright, refreshing green.

emerald green

A bright, rich kelly green.

persian blue

A light blue gray with a touch of green.

patina green

A bright turquoise blue/green.

Patina Green Small Table
Patina Green Side Tables
Patina Green Mirror

klein blue

A bright, happy, electric blue.


Coastal Blue

This is one of my favorite colors! A rich navy blue, it's the perfect dark neutral.

Coral Crush

A bright, fresh coral! Just the right amount of pink, just the right amount of orange.


Fresh orange, that is just lovely.

Persimmon Desk
Persimmon Console table

holiday red

A true, bright cherry red. 

brick red

A warmer red.

tuscan red

A rich, dark red.

seagull gray

A light true gray with no hints of blue or purple.

driftwood gray

A lovely medium gray.

queenstown gray

A dark, charcoal gray. 

Queenstown Gray Card Catalog
Queenstown Gray Game Table
Queenstown Gray Dress

Lamp black

True black.