When I started a furniture business, I had no idea I'd be shipping furniture nationwide. now I've been shipping for 4 years and have learned my share of tips and tricks. 

Let me share them with you in my eBook!

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Are you a furniture painter who wants to sell more furniture by offering shipping, but have no idea where to start?

Look no further, I've taken the mystery out of the shipping process for you and compiled it all in a step by step guide

  • Increase your market.

  • Learn how to sell nationwide with or without a brick and mortar storefront.

  • Offer a service that sets your business apart.

  • Reach more customers.

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Testimonials from Furniture Painters like you...

Until now, I’ve dismissed the Etsy route to market because I was overwhelmed with going through the “trial and error” learning curve required to ship items safely and cost effectively. In this ebook, Jenni shares her experiences shipping 200+ items with a wide variety of carriers, describing in detail how each carrier works along with the objective pros and cons of each. She provides exactly what the reader needs to make an informed decision based on their unique business model. Honestly- I pulled the book up on my computer – thinking I’d read a few pages in between other work over several days – but couldn’t stop reading and did it in one sitting! The book is a quick read, very focused, no fluff, gets right to the point, well structured – perfect for busy people wanting the nuts and bolts of shipping. You’ve inspired me to consider this broader sales strategy. Thank you, Jenni!
— Sherryl

For many of us, increasing our sales means we have to seriously consider shipping our items - and it’s a bit overwhelming. Thanks to Jenni, she’s simplified the process and provided us with this great guide. Not only does she provide you with the many options available, but gives an honest review with pros and cons of each shipping service. A great read, and great reference for those of us who need to offer this service!
— Beth from Treasured Accents by Beth

The Complete Guide to Shipping Furniture came at just the right time for me as I have only just begun to branch out by providing shipping options to my customers. I found Jenni’s method of breaking down each shipping option by comparing and contrasting them to be super organized and helpful. It was also very helpful to have her honest experiences with each option, especially since I live in the same general area as Jenni does. The book was concise yet thorough and I intend to take full advantage of the information provided and learn from Jenni’s own experiences!
— Laura from My Home Matters LLC
Jenni has done furniture flippers everywhere a huge service with her book The Complete Guide to Shipping Furniture. I feel I can confidently step forward in my business by offering shipping now. Jenni’s thorough and easy to understand explanation of what is important and what steps to take make this a much less intimidating endeavor. You will not be sorry you purchased this book and I am confident it will become a reference book in your business library.
— Katy from Rancho LaFlor