How to Create a Vignette & An Easy Thanksgiving Table

During the Dining Room Space Lift, I did a little revamp in my dining room.  But I had several decor items I'd been collecting and just hadn't pulled it all together yet.  So I made a little video showing how to create a vignette.

A vignette is just a resting place for your eye.  A focal point in a room if you will, something you are immediately drawn to as you walk into a room.  In a dining room, a vignette is most often centered over a buffet (as mine is) or a hutch. 


A few things to keep in mind:

1. Odd numbers are more visually appealing - here I have 3 things on the buffet.  This is following the odd rule as well as makes it really easy to move everything for Thanksgiving food if I need to!

2. Contrast draws the eye (colors and textures) - I have my white "gather" sign on my dark wall, I also have the blue mirror mostly on the white wall.  The antiqued and chippy window mirror is also contrasting with the clean refinished wood top of the buffet.

3. Symmetry is something to consider - here it is all put together.  I love the symmetry of the plates and candle sticks.

4. Design rules are meant to be followed just as much as they are meant to be broken (ie: do what looks good to you!)

Here's the supply list for a few things I mention in the video (some are affiliate links):

Then, I went on to set the table.  I think you should use the pieces you have - even if they are your fancy ware!  It's better to use it than keep it hidden away in your closet.  I use a few new things and few old to pull together a Thanksgiving table that is fun not fussy!

I used some disposable square plates from The Hobby Lobby as silver chargers.  My nice dinnerware is layered right on top.  Then a disposable white napkin (who has time to wash and iron napkins?) and a sparkly leaf top it off.  A name could easily be added to the leaf if you are having a big group.  I pulled out my nice silver too - did you know you can put it in the dishwasher after a few uses?!

The runner in the middle is just a flannel pattern I liked from Joann's.  I just cut it to size and didn't even worry about the edges.  It was inexpensive, so if it gets food on it, I'm not worried!

The centerpiece is just my dough bowl filled with a few sparkly pumpkins (using this spray paint), white pumpkins and pine cones.  A few votives cap it all off.  Again, this is easy to remove when setting the meal on the table, or if I want to leave it, it's low so we can all see over it.

Well there you have it - that's a wrap on my dining room for now!  I'm one step closer to being ready for Thanksgiving.  Now on to the food :)

Have a wonderful weekend!