Spacelift Series: Creating Calm in the Master Bedroom

This week we've been talking all about Master Bedrooms over on the Facebook Page!

We started off by asking the 4 questions to define the concept of your space, and then discussing the best layout for a bedroom.  As well as the perfect heights for nightstands. 


Next up I told you how to find the perfect paint color using Pinterest as a search tool. My bedroom color is Behr's Pebble Stone which I love!

Kristin and I took you on a field trip to the new Container Store in Pittsburgh where I showed off my favorite bedroom finds and Kristin showed you her favorite closet secrets.

Back home, I showed you a quick way to use an old window as jewelry storage for your room/closet.  It's an easy way to display and organize your jewelry as well as add character to your space!

Here's what you'll need for the jewelry window (affiliates):
-old window (don't spend more than $10!)
-hardware cloth
-staple gun
-small s hooks


That's all for this week!  I hope you came away with a little inspiration for your bedroom.  We'll be back next week for a Dining Room Space Lift!  Make sure to follow Roots & Wings Furniture on Facebook to catch the videos live and see what we're up to all week.

Have an awesome weekend!