Spacelift Series: The Kitchen!

We're back this week, talking about kitchens!

To start the series off each week, I'd like you to think about the following questions as you look at your space:

Thinking through these questions can really give you good perspective on where your space is at and how you need to change it!

I answer the questions for my own kitchen as well as give you 3 things you can change if you don't already love your kitchen in the first video from this week:

I updated my cabinets when we moved in with white paint!  If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can get my Cabinet Tutorial Video which will give you all kinds of tips and tricks to get started. 

New ORB hardware really updates the space for a quick, easy update.  I also painted my kitchen counter tops with chalk board paint! It only cost about $30 for the paint and it totally changed the look of my kitchen.  I did this about a year ago, and it has held up surprisingly well!

Here's what you'll need to get this look (affiliate links for your convenience):

I first sanded down my bright blue laminate counter tops with 120 grit sandpaper.  Big circular motions.  Clean off all the dust, and make sure the counters are really clean.  I used a foam roller to first apply the counter top paint. It's really smelly so open the windows! Once that was dry, I used the same type of roller to apply the Chalk Board Paint.  Two coats will do it.  Be a little gentle for the first week, but after that they are very durable!


Then, Kristin and I teamed up to shop Target for some fun Kitchen accessories. 

Back in my kitchen we talk about kitchen tables of different shapes, as well as how dressers can serve you in your eating area! This is my square table I built with a durable wood top and bright, fun green chairs.

I keep my favorite dishes on display as decor when they aren't in use.  Then I just pull them down when I need them.  This dresser I got years ago for $25 bucks! It's always lived in/near our dining area and it's full of extra place mats, table cloths, and kids coloring books. It's a great command center that is all out of sight!

Lastly, I try to make a DIY light fixture.  Using this blog post as inspiration, it works!

Isn't that a cool looking industrial/farmhouse light?  I need to do a few touch-ups still, but overall I LOVE IT! So much better than my old florescent light fixture.

Here are the supplies you'll need if you want to make one too:

Well, that does it for the kitchen.  I hope you found some inspiration for your space!

Join me over on Pinterest on my Kitchen Dreaming board for all kind of beautiful kitchens and organizing tips!

See you next week!