Spacelift Series: The Dining Room

This week we're talking dining room! Just in time to get it dressed up for the holidays.

Everyone's dining space is a little different, but here's the basics of what you need... also a few simple ideas for centerpiece decor that can be easily changed for the seasons!

Then Kristin and I take you shopping at Home Goods for a few of our favorite things! 

And one of the easiest and most high impact things you can do in a dining room is change the fabric on your chairs! It can really quickly change your space.  If you are going to do it, here is the list of what you will need (affiliate links included for your convenience):

● Screwdriver (phillips and flat head)
Needle-nose pliers
● Upholstery fabric (½ yard per chair)
Batting (optional)
2” foam (optional)
● Staple Gun hand or pneumatic
⅜” Staples

And if you're stuck on what kind of fabric to buy, I show you around Joann's on what to look for when purchasing upholstery fabric. 

Don't forget to join me over on Pinterest, there are so many inspiring and helpful images that may just spark an idea for you.

My hope during this series is that you have been inspired to try something new in your home to make you love it a little more.