The RE-FINISH Box! | The Basics on How to Paint Furniture

You all. I am so excited, the day has come for this announcement.  The RE-FINISH Box is ready to be introduced.

Earlier this year an AZ friend emailed me asking for help and advice on how to refinish a hutch she had in her kitchen.  I spent some time writing her a long email with different options for paint, top coats, hardware, etc.  Told her where to shop for this, that and the other. And, of course it was a trip to Home Depot, a trip to a local antique store, and ordering a few products online.

This is when I stared thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if I could send her everything she needed to get it done.  So that's how the RE-FINISH Box was born.

It has been so fun to pull together my favorite products into this kit.  These are already the products I use and trust, so it was easy to choose what was going to be included.

Here's what the box has:

Now, you can be a furniture re-finisher too!  My goal has really been to simplify the refinishing process, and make it easy and accessible for someone to try it out on a piece in their own home.  Who knows, you may find a new passion!

These are the pieces I finished in the tutorial video!

You can choose any color you would like, and there is even the option to add hardware to your RE-FINISH kit!

How fun is that?!? I've been working so hard on this, and couldn't wait to tell you all about it. The boxes are only $39!! 


Of course with the launch of the new product, the website got a little revamp too, be sure to check it out!