Cabinet Painting Tutorial

I've known for a while that General Finishes Milk Paint is used and recommended and LOVED for cabinet refinishing, but I had yet to try it myself, until now!

I've painted a few different kitchens in latex paint, and while it worked fine, it wasn't as easy as milk paint! 

Pause while I remind you... General Finishes Milk Paint is actually an acrylic paint.  When they named it "milk paint" years ago, it was because it was made to mimic the look and color of old world milk paint.  Now everyone gets all confused because there is also milk paint made with milk proteins (it comes in a powder form you have to mix with water), I personally find this paint harder to work with, and would NOT recommend it on cabinets.  GF Milk Paint is a durable, smooth finish paint that is perfect for furniture, cabinet, and other home applications. Okay, good?

You can paint either bathroom or kitchen cabinets, the application would be the same.  And you can paint over a wood finish or an existing painted finish, the prep is also the same, just make sure if either finish is glossy you give it a little extra sanding. 

Here is the bathroom I just painted, it started with builder grade oak and brass hardware.

I painted it in Driftwood Milk Paint and changed the hardware and now it is so much more modern!  This is a small bathroom, but two coats only took half a pint of Milk Paint so a little goes a long way. 

May I also take the time to say, IF YOU MUST paint your cabinets white (Snow White), use a primer first!  It will just save you time and a head ache.  I recommend this one or this one.

Some of the links are affiliate links to help you find what you need!  These are products I have tested and used myself or something comparable. I am a General Finishes Retailer so I can ship you their products I use and love!

I filmed a tutorial video while I was painting, and it's packed full of all my tips and tricks as I paint from the prep work, to filling holes, to the paint application. With my tutorial you can transform your builder basic cabinets into something beautiful, and it's not as hard as you think! 

Here's your project checklist,

Here's the link to where you can purchase your Cabinet Tutorial Video

If you are feeling adventurous, keep in mind you can combine this tutorial with any of my other tutorials (glazing, Pearl Effects, etc.) to get an even more customized look for your cabinets.

You know I'm here to help if you need it, and I'd sure love to see the before and after of your cabinets!! 

Happy {cabinet} Painting!