How to Care for your Painted Furniture | Teal Table Transformation

Good morning! 

A question I've been asked often is "How do I maintain my painted furniture once I get home"?  It's never something I've addressed on the blog, so I thought now is the time. 

Usually, a bit of dish soap and warm water on a rag will take care of most dirt and dust or a peanut butter finger print from a little one.

Another product I really like to use in my own home is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, especially the Lavender scent. If I'm cleaning, I like it to smell good, and this does the trick without hurting the finish. 

Lavender Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

And, if you have a wood finished piece that is lacking a little luster, try mixing 50/50 white vinegar and olive oil and rubbing it into the wood with a cloth.  Speaking of smell, this will smell like you just put salad dressing on your furniture.  But it will go away, and leave you with some pretty looking wood! 


A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me these side tables, 

I was a lacking the inspiration with what to do with them, so I let my Facebook friends weigh in.  The options were Antique White or Teal.  The response was overwhelmingly TEAL!  So here they are now, 

This was a custom mix up of a couple of latex paints, followed by General Finishes Glaze Effects in Burt Umber (glazing is so fun! I'll do a tutorial someday), and topped off with a coat of Satin High Performance.  

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These jewel-toned beauties will be available at our upcoming local sale on September 26th!