No. 129 Empire Buffet in Light Gray

I spotted this fabulous piece on my last shopping trip.  It just had those great empire lines to it.  But it looked a little worse for the wear...

It was painted gray over green, and the top especially was in rough shape. 

So here's the deal with previously painted pieces.  Usually I try to avoid them, but sometimes you just can't.  So my second check (because I despise using stripper) is what condition is the paint in - is it chipping, flaking, etc.  Luckily, this was in okay shape, besides being dirty. 

Another thing I try to keep in mind is because any distressing that happens (on purpose or naturally with time) will show the paint color underneath, I try to keep the paint color close to, or at least something that goes okay together.  So this piece was destined to stay gray, which as you know by now was just fine with me!

The top was easier to just take off and start over, so that's just what I did.

This was two coats of homemade chalk paint in light gray (a color a bit lighter than original). And sealed with clear wax. 

The interior (including the drawer) got a couple coats of off white, which is just fresh and clean.

The new top came out really nice, it's planked pine with trimmed out edges. 

These knobs are fabulous, this picture doesn't do them justice.  They are from World Market, and they are clear glass with etching.  Lovely!

The empire curves are just so fun.

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