No. 107 Antique Ice Box

At Bible study the other night, my dear friend mentioned that she was rearranging her house a bit, and her old ice box was headed to the trash.  Ha!  Imagine!  I told her I would please like to save it!!

Not much wrong with the finish, but let's give it a touch of modern. 

This gray matched the metal interior very nicely, it was a mix up of a couple different "oops" paints, mixed into homemade chalk paint.

Distressed and finished with MMS Hemp Oil. 

I left the top, because I thought it was really pretty great. 

You could really use this anywhere for a bit of extra closed storage. But with the holidays and all kinds of entertaining coming up, how about a bar cabinet/drink station!  Put a bucket of ice in the top and you'd be set with cold drinks!

 Fabulous original hardware.

I'm just smitten with all the character this one has.  I would keep it if I had a place for it!

This is the bonus picture for my blog readers, the back of this just is so perfect, love those planks!

This piece (and so much more) for sale in the



Stay tuned next code coming your way for some happy shopping!!

Blessings for a great weekend,