No. 106 Red Blanket Chest

Hi friends!  I have a couple of quick make-overs for you today.  The first is this great cedar chest. Here's where it started:

This was a terrible black drippy finish. I have learned to mostly stay away from previously painted pieces, but I just really like these legs on this one.

Goal here was redemption.  I sanded down most of the drips, and got out trusty red latex paint.  I did a cross hatch pattern with both coats of paint.  I wanted to give it some texture without adding any more drips!

Then the whole piece was dark waxed.  I am not always a dark waxer - but on this it just felt right.  How fabulous would this be at the foot of a bed.  Or how about a coffee table?  The backside (which I neglected to take pictures of) is refinished the same way.

Pretty details!

And the best part:

OOH, look at that lovely cedar! 

This lovely chest is available in the

Roots & Wings Etsy Shop!