No. 103 Green Bentwood Rocking Chair | Top Coat Discussion Part 1


I found this bentwood rocking chair on the side of the road last spring.  I thought it looked awesome, but it just sat for a long time.  The bottom cane was missing, but it had been replaced by wood, so I turned it into an upholstered seat, and left the caning on the back (which is in great shape!).

Here it is now!

Wouldn't this just be so much fun in a nursery?!?  I painted it in two coats of homemade chalk paint - color matched to BM Kelly Green.  Lightly distressed and finished with MMS Hemp Oil.  This is a bright bold green with a nice blue undertone - I think great in either a boy's or girl's room.

I took the wood board and covered it with 2" foam, new batting and this great fabric print by IKEA.  Did you know IKEA has some wonderful upholstery weight fabric? I liked that this was black and white and with all the different animals/cars/houses thought it was pretty gender neutral. 

A few months ago, I painted some chairs for my dining room, not really wanting to wax a million spindles, I finished the homemade chalk paint off with MMS Hemp Oil.  If I'm going to use a new product in the shop, I really like to test it first.  And what better product testing could there be than a dining room chair sat in (and colored on, and smudged, and spilled on) daily by a 1, 3 and 5 year old?  None.

Can I tell you how impressed I am?  It gave a nice sheen that has lasted, and it remains wipe-able.  There has been no further distressing/paint chipping off of the chairs and overall they seem to be holding up rather well.  So MMS Hemp Oil gets a hearty thumbs up in my book for an acceptable top coat.  Not to mention the millions of ways to use it! 

I either brush it on (with a cheap chip brush) or rag it on, let it sit and soak in, and rub it off with a clean rag.  I will usually go back over it about a day later to make sure the oil has all absorbed.

This lovely chair (finished with Hemp Oil) is for sale in the

Roots & Wings Etsy Shop


What do you think of Hemp Oil?  Have you tried it yet?