No. 98 Antique Creamy Vanity

Y'all... I've been working on some insanely frustrating projects lately. This being one of them, but the end result was worth it (I think).

This was rescued from "well, if it didn't sell it was going in the wood burner". You know by now I wasn't going to let that happen. 

Here is the before, I know it's on it's side.  One leg had been broken when I got it, it had been screwed and glued and was in rough shape.  Then I broke another leg in my attempts to move it by myself.  So it needed work. 

This was a mahogany piece, so I knew I would be battling bleed through, I decided to tough it out though in favor of this beautiful creamy white (color matched to SW Creamy). 

It got a coat of White Pigmented Shellac, and two coats of homemade chalk paint.  Distressed to show the lovely details, oh how I love the details, and waxed with clear wax.

The top was sanded down, and re-stained with Dark Walnut. I really like Dark Walnut over mahogany. It tones down the red, without taking it away completely.  Three coats of Poly-Acrylic and she's beautiful again!

The hardware really fit this piece so well, so it got sprayed in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Lovely mirror, in really nice shape!  I paint the mirror, and wax it and then scrape all the paint off the glass with a razor and a spray of windex.  Works like a charm!

As for the broken legs...they have been repaired.  It's not too obvious where they were broken, and this vanity is still sturdy.  She will stand strong for another 100 years I hope!

She's available in the

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I'm off to go conquer the second frustrating project of the week...I won't be beat on this one!!



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