60's Radio Cabinet to one-of-a kind Entertainment Center

Last week was a good week for furniture shopping!  A friend said she wanted to come along, and we were off.  We headed to the basement of my favorite shop - if you live in Pittsburgh, Capo's is well worth a visit - and found a few old radio cabinets.  I've been mulling some furniture over-hauls in my head with these cabinets for a while.  And my dear friend Angela was brave enough to do it with me.

Here we go...

This is what she bought.  It had a record player in the top, a radio and giant speakers in the bottom cabinet.  It was the perfect dimensions for an entertainment center.  So we took it apart.  Demo took a couple of hours, we just kept unscrewing (and hammering) and piece by piece it came apart.

This is what we had:

Next was rebuild, add in a couple of shelves and the fun finishing.

 We added a solid bottom, and a shelf in the middle by bracing it from the under side.

Here it is coming together.  This got my favorite combo: Cracked Pepper and Java Stain.  The veneer on the top was beautiful when all sanded down!

 And here is the final piece in all it's glory!

We added a burlap coffee sack to the backing to give it a little touch of fabric. 

And here it is in it's new home...

This was an awesome project, thanks Angela for your bravery in furniture demo!!

What do you think?!?  There are a few more antique radio/tv cabinets coming your way!



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