No. 85 Gray French Provincial Dresser | aka: A Dresser in the Woods

So I have to tell you, this one was a steal...perhaps it had something to do with the color:

Woah!  As I was painting this bad boy, I kept trying to figure out what color room this could have gone well in.  I never figured it out.  Terra cotta looks good on pots, not on dressers. Just saying...

Here it is now.  Fresh, modern, a NOT terra cotta!

Thankfully whoever had painted it before did a nice job, no major drips, so this was an easy prep, sand it down with 220.  And homemade chalk paint mixed in Dark Granite by Behr.

The chalk paint lent some texture to this piece.  It is smooth, but not buttery, you can see it on the sides there...I think it keeps it from being too modern of a look.  Waxed with Fiddes and Sons clear wax.

Love the bowed front. 

Classic apron.  Just some nice simple details. 

I sprayed the hardware glossy white.  And distressed slightly.  I really love the contrast. 

It's a Basset, wood glides and all, dovetail drawers, and in really nice shape!

And in closing...are you still wondering why this dresser is outside?  It's because my basement is an explosion of furniture, and my dining room (ie: the photo booth) still has some big pieces in it that I was too lazy to move out of the way.  Not a very good story hunh?  But really, I kind of like the natural background!

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