No. 83 White Antique Vanity

I'm back today with another reminder of the power of white paint!


This was just a case of an old dark wood finish sitting forever in a barn.  

(Check out that basement!  Aren't you jealous?!?  Ha!)

And now...

Glory!  After a piece like this I have to restrain myself from painting everything white!  But you do just have to know going into it, it's gonna take three coats.  No skimping!

 Yes, that's me. 

These drawers have great little details and the perfect hardware.  I cleaned them up a bit with Bar Keeper's Friend and they are great. 

 My favorite white is Valspar's Woodlawn Bedroom White (mixed in Behr paint of course).  It is a great bright white with an undertone of gray, NOT yellow!

The tops were stained in Minwax Dark Walnut, and the tried and true, three coats of Poly-Acrylic in satin finish. 

 The mirror is is good shape, with some great antiquing going for it. 

I've done some old pieces lately and often with the really old ones come some awesome texture.  This old varnish had some crazing going on, so the paint over it looks awesome.  It distressed so nicely.

Loving this!  Available in the shop



Blessings for a great weekend!