No. 82 Antique Serpentine Washstand and Painting Techniques

Hello!  Man, summer is kicking my butt.  I can't seem to get anything done...something about the kids being home.

Anyway, here is a great little makeover for you today...

I found this baby at a church yard sale, and bought it immediately, I have been really wanting to do a serpentine piece.  They are so pretty!  The tiger oak wasn't in bad shape, but I just wanted to brighten it up a bit.

The lighter color really brings out the curves and details. 

This is a light mint green chalk paint (mixup of Behr's Frosted Jade and Mild Mint) dry brushed with La Fonda Villa Fountain (mixed in Behr). 

To dry brush, you put very little paint on your brush, wipe it off and then brush quickly on the piece.  It really brings out the texture of the piece.  I then went over it all with sandpaper, which took off paint in some places, scratched it up in others, and distressed the edges.  

Because you sand down the entire piece, it is smooth as butter! 

Some of the original hardware stayed, and I mixed it up with a few other brass pulls I had in my stash. 

The hardware really grounds the piece, giving it that old charm.

Check out those claw feet, and do you see that awesome paint texture?!?

This piece is available in the

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There are so many great painting techniques, let's look at a few...

Glazing with Paint (half paint, half water):

 Glazing with Glaze:

Glazing with Stain:

Dark Waxing:

White Wax:

The possibilities are endless!!  Go try something new today!