Roots & Wings Turns One! {And a coupon code}

One year ago today, the

R&W Etsy Shop

opened.  What a blessing the past year has been!  Thank you to all of you who have made it possible! 

I decided to give you a list of things I have learned in this first year...

1. Creativity is mostly a joy, and sometimes a discipline

2. Never underestimate how much furniture will fit into a mini-van. 

3. Mr. Incredible doesn't like moving furniture.

4. With a dolly and will power, I can move almost anything myself. 

5. I have 3 little ones who are pretty great assistants.

6. I have a love/hate relationship with shipping.  Love it because it gives me a wider market.  Hate it because sometimes, no matter how much thought, time, effort and packing material you put around a piece, it will still get broken if it gets thrown off the back of a delivery truck... If you have Pittsburgh friends, I will love you forever if you tell them about me.

7. You really can have online friends that you have never met in person.

8. 3 coats of Minwax Poly-Acrylic in Satin (with 400 grit in between) gives me the best, most consistent finish on wood tops. 

9. I really don't like social media (because you really don't need to know what I ate for lunch today), but it really can help grow a baby business.

10. A wax brush really is worth the insane price if you refinish furniture often.

11. You can never have too much light in the basement.

12. No matter what kind of organization I employ in the basement, it will always look like a creative explosion of furniture parts.  It works for me, but you really don't want to see it.

13. Gray is my favorite color for furniture, it is a great neutral, and there are so many great shades!

14. Mr. Incredible has a great eye for design, his favorite pieces sell the fastest.

15. Don't dream to small with God dreams, He will take it farther than you can imagine. 

And so much more...great things in store for year 2!

Check out this sweet review my friend, and awesome stylist wrote up for me here:

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There is a shop coupon code tucked in there that is good for anniversary month (thru 6/14)!