No. 70 Blue and Cream Antique Hutch

This is a page from April Better Homes and Garden's Magazine.  I found it so inspiring, I thought I'd do a little self challenge.  Paint a piece of furniture in each of these colors over the next few months.  Now, some of these colors will be easy, so for those I'll try to go over the top...some of them (purple) are a little more out of my box.

So on to this weeks project...

I went to a local auction last Friday night. I won this...

Beautiful details, just a little worse for the wear...

My first color pic is BLUE!!  Here she is now...

It's a beautiful indigo blue, not too light, not too dark, like your favorite pair of blue jeans.

I did something a little different and after the first coat of chalk paint, glazed it in another blue.  As I was wiping off the glaze it just started distressing.  It was awesome!

 I wanted even more depth of color and age...this is a 1930's hutch after all.  So I went heavy on the dark wax.  I love the color variation.

 I went with cream on the inside to match these knobs.

There are so many cool details on this piece, but mostly I realized, if I ever have kankles, I hope they look like this!

She's available in the shop here

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